More Protection and Security with our new chip Credit Card!

As a commitment to your security, The Belize Bank Limited is soon bringing you more protection - a credit card with chip technology. What Is The Chip? Your credit card contains an embedded microchip - a small metal square on the front of your card.  The chip helps increase data security when making transactions at terminals or ATMs that are chip-enabled. Why Is It Important? When purchases are made using the chip feature at chip-enabled terminals, the transaction is more secure because of a unique process that is used to determine if the card is authentic.  This makes the card more difficult to counterfeit or copy. How Do I Use It? It's easy. You can continue to swipe your cards to make payments or insert your card face up on a chip-enabled terminal.  The chip card will remain in the terminal while the transaction is processed.  You'll be prompted for a signature to complete the process. How Will I Know Whether I Need To Swipe Or Insert My Chip Card? How you use your Card will depend on what type of terminal the merchant is using. Merchants whose terminals are not chip-enabled will swipe your card.  If the terminal is chip-enabled, it will prompt you to insert the Card instead. Travelling With Your Card Chip technology is used in the U.S. and over many countries across the world. Having a Chip Card will make it easier for you to make purchases when you travel internationally. More and more stores, restaurants and other merchants in the U.S. and around the world are using chip technology, so we designed Chip Cards to help make traveling and everyday spending more convenient. The chip does not change any of the other features or benefits of your Card. Use your card for payment online, in store or just like you always have.