The Belize Bank has established the only nationwide ATM network in the country. The network consists of 28 ATMs distributed evenly all over the country for your convenience, and our ATMs accept all cards bearing the VISA, MasterCard, Plus, and Cirrus logos. See map for all 28 of our ATM locations.

Withdrawing Cash

Use your Belize Bank VISA Debit Card to withdraw cash from our conveniently located ATMs. It's simple. Simply insert your card and tap in your Personal Identification Number (PIN). Follow the simple instructions shown on the screen to withdraw up to BZ$1000.00 a day, seven days a week. Belize Bank will provide you with a machine printed receipt for all your withdrawals.

Other Services

In addition to withdrawing cash at Belize Bank ATMs you can also check your account balance, transfer funds between accounts, make deposits, and more! So don't carry around more than you need to, and don't spend your valuable time waiting in line in the Bank. Apply for your Belize Bank VISA Debit Card today! The Belize Bank VISA Debit Card is free and is available upon request to all customers who have a Belize Bank account.

ATM/Branch Locator