Term Deposits

Term Deposits are recommended for customers who require a long term, high yielding deposit. Belize Bank Term Deposits combine the security of a savings account with higher interest rates associated with an investment.
Rates for Term Deposits
3 months 0.25%
6 months 0.85%
1 year 2.65%
2 year 2.80%
* These are indicative rates, effective February 2, 2014. Rates can vary significantly for substantial deposits. Minimum deposit is BZ$5,000.00


  • Withdrawals are not permitted until maturity ("fixed" deposit)
  • No passbook
  • Certificate of Records defining terms and conditions agreed upon
  • Method of interest payment is determined by you (i.e. deposit to savings/chequing account, interest rollover, etc.)
  • If for any reason you miss your maturity date, we will automatically compound your interest and renew the deposit under the same terms and conditions as the original agreement


  • Higher, flexible interest rates
  • Risk free way to make money
  • Guaranteed returns
  • Interest is paid upon maturity of deposit
  • Automatic deposit renewals available.
We take the risk out of making your money grow!