Balance Summary FAQs

Once logged in to Belize Bank Online, what are the features at the top of the menu bar?
  • Balance Summary - This page contains the listing of your accounts.
  • Messaging Center - The Messaging Center will allow you to send and receive messages to and from the Bank in a secure manner.
  • Account Transfer - The Account Transfer will allow you to transfer funds to an from any of your accounts and/or transfer to any of the accounts you applied for in the Online transfer application.
  • Bill Pay - Bill Pay will allow you to pay bills from any accounts to any of the companies you registered as a payee.
What is listed under the 'Balance Summary'?
The Balance Summary will list all accounts that you have registered under your Personal or Corporate Online Application form. The following types of accounts can be viewed:
  • Chequing
  • Savings
  • Loans
  • Investment Groups (Term Deposits)
  • Credit Cards
  • Merchant Accounts.
Note: Only active accounts will be available on the Balance Summary.