Belize Bank Mobile Banking FAQs

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1. What is Belize Bank Mobile Banking?
Belize Bank Mobile Banking is Belize Bank's text/SMS banking service that allows you to access your Belize Bank account information and even initiate transactions via a text message. If you can send and receive a text message on your phone and have a Belize Bank account, then you can use this easy and convenient service. With Belize Bank Mobile Banking you can:
  1. Receive account notifications (alerts) for:
    • Salary Deposits
    • Debit transactions above a particular threshold
    • ATM transactions above a particular threshold
    • Debit card purchases above a particular threshold
    • Posting of a cheque(s)
    • Available balance goes below a particular threshold
    • Available balance goes above a particular threshold
    • Account is in overdraft
    • Online transfers between designated accounts
    • Online transfers to another account
    • Deposits above a particular threshold
    • Credit card transactions above a particular threshold
    • Credit card balance is below a particular threshold
    • Credit card payment is due
    • Loan payment is due
  2. In addition, you can:
    • Check your Account Balance (Mini Statement included)
    • Transfer money between accounts
    • Pay Bills
2. How do I sign up for the service?
Signing up for Belize Bank Mobile Banking is easy. If you are a Belize Bank customer with the Online Banking service, simply LOG ON to your account and follow these (Linked to Learn More page) easy steps. If not, visit your nearest Belize Bank Branch and speak with a Customer Service Representative.
3. Where do I send my SMS text message to initiate a Belize Bank Mobile Banking transaction?
To initiate a banking transaction using the Belize Bank Mobile Banking service, you must send your transaction to 'BBLM' or '2256'. (It's a good idea to add '2256' to your address book for easy access.)
4. Is Belize Bank Mobile Banking safe?
Yes, the Belize Bank Mobile Banking service is safe and secure. Transactions can only be initiated from your phone and information is sent to your phone only. Belize Bank Mobile Banking is safe, secure, and simple!
5. Can I use my Digicell or SMART cell phone service to access Belize Bank Mobile Banking?
Both Digicell and SMART customers with SMS Text services can take advantage of  the Belize Bank Mobile Banking service.
6. How much does it cost to use the Belize Bank Mobile Banking service?
You can have access to all of the easy and convenient features of Belize Bank Mobile Banking for a small flat fee of $3.00 a month. This fee entitles you to unlimited text transactions and alerts through the Belize Bank Mobile Banking service. All SMS text messages sent to 2256 are FREE of cost to Belize Bank Mobile Banking customers.
7. What is an Account Alias
An Account Alias is a name that you assign to each one of your registered accounts listed under Account Aliases in the Belize Bank Mobile Banking menu. When initiating transactions using Belize Bank Mobile Banking, you use the combination of a short-code and an alias(es) to initiate a transaction. The Account Alias can be up to 12 characters and may include a combination of letters and numbers.
8. How long does it take to get a response from Belize Bank Mobile Banking?
You should receive your response within a few seconds; however, the response time may vary according to your cell phone's SMS text service provider. *The SMS text service is NOT controlled or managed by the Bank. If you do not receive a response within 2 to 4 minutes, kindly resend your account inquiry or transaction(s) request.
9. Are transfers immediate?
Belize Bank Mobile Banking transfer requests are transmitted to and processed by the Bank (once we've received it from your SMS text service provider). Any interruption in the mobile network or your provider's SMS text services could delay or cancel the request intended for the Belize Bank's SMS banking system. Transfers are performed immediately when received by the Bank; transfers received after 10:00pm each business day will be reflected as having been performed on the following business day.
10. Are Bill Payments immediate?
Belize Bank Mobile Banking bill payments are performed immediately when received by the Belize Bank but are posted to the subscriber account at the utility company at various times based on which utility bill is paid. Bill payments to the major companies (Belize Electricity Limited, Belize Telemedia Limited, Belize Water Services Limited and Holy Redeemer Credit Union) are posted immediately via a direct communication link. Other bill payments, such as cable, which are done before 4:00pm each business day are transmitted to those companies on the same day. Payments made after 4:00pm are transmitted the following business day.
11. Who do I contact with queries about the Belize Bank Mobile Banking service?
You can contact Belize Bank's Online Banking Department at 227-7132 or visit your nearest Belize Bank Branch for assistance - we'll be glad to assist you!
12. What kinds of transactions can I request/initiate?
Available short-codes:
  1. HELP
  2. BAL
  3. TRANS
  4. BILL
How do I use these?:
  1. HELP Text HELP to get a list of available short-codes. Example: HELP
  2. HELP (short-code) Texting HELP short-code provides you with the usage information on a short-code. Example: Help BAL
  3. BAL (AccountAlias) Text BAL (AccountAlias) to receive your account balance and min-statement with your last two transactions. Example: BAL Savings1
  4. TRANS (FromAccountAlias) (ToAccountAlias) (Amount) Text TRANS FromAccountAlias ToAccountAlias Amount to make transfers between your accounts. Example: TRANS personal carloan 1200.00
  5. BILL (FromAccountAlias) (BillAccountAlias) (Amount) Text BILL FromAccountAlias BillAccountAlias Amount to make payments toward bills, including your Belize Bank credit cards. Example: BILL savings BTL 210.50
13. Can alerts get delivered to my cell number & email address?
Yes. You have the options of getting alerts delivered to your cell phone, email or both. This means that you can get SMS texts, emails, or both for each generated alert. Please note that you will only be able to receive alerts on the cell number and email address that you use to register for the Belize Bank Mobile Banking service.
14. Can the delivery of SMS alerts be restricted to, say, 8:00am to 12:00pm?
Yes. The delivery of SMS alerts can be restricted to a specified time range. The time range can be specified in your Profile Settings (accessible from the Belize Bank Mobile Banking menu) using your Belize Bank Online account.