Credit Card FAQs

Can I view my credit card accounts online?
Yes. Once you have registered your credit cards on your Personal or Commercial Online Banking Application Form, you will be able to view those credit card accounts online. This will also allow you to view and download your credit card transactions and pay your credit card online.
How do I pay my credit card online?
In order to pay your credit card online simply go to the 'Bill Pay' tab and pay your card bill as you would any other bill.
When will my credit card payment get processed?
Credit card payments will be processed on the following business day.
Is there a fee to process my Credit Card Payments online?
No. There are no additional charges to pay your credit card online. The only charges will be the standard changes of the Government tax and the percentage charge if you pay in Belize Dollars.
How will I be able to get my Credit Card statements online?
You have two options. You can either download your Credit Card Statements into Microsoft Excel, Quicken or Microsoft Money or simply print your statement right from the screen.
Will I be able to pay more than what my bill requires?
No, our system will not accept payments greater than what your credit card statement specifies.
What other information can I see with regards to my Credit Card account?
The following is a list of other information that is available online:
  • Due Date - the date payment is due (if not paid by that date a penalty fee will be charged)
  • Limit - the maximum credit limit on the card
  • Previous Balance - the balance that was showing in the previous statement.
  • Balance Forward - the previous balance of the credit card including the interest and the amount past due.
  • Past Due - any amount that you are in arrears for a credit card.
  • Minimum Payment - the minimum amount that is accepted for the bill on a specific month of a credit card payment.
  • Full Payment - the amount that will clear the bill when paid in full.