General FAQs

General FAQs
How do I sign up for Online Banking?
To sign up for Online Banking, simply download the Personal or Commercial Online Application from this site or request it from any of our branches. Once you have filled out the application simply return it to the Bank. Personal Online applicants can also send his/her application via the message center. Clients that wish to apply for a Commercial Online access need to also submit a letter to the branch.
How long will it take the Bank to provide me with my Internet account?
Bearing in mind that your application and access agreement forms are complete, you can expect to have online access to your account(s) the following business day.
Why use a 'Security Code'?
Belize Bank requires the use of a "Security Code' in order to better protect your account.
What if I want to add or delete an account from my online listing?
To add a new account to an Online Banking Account, you would need to fill out another application form, listing all the accounts you have plus the new account you would like to have online access to.
What programs will I be able to download my transactions to?
You will be able to download to Quicken, Microsoft Money, and Excel.
How can I apply for an Online account if I am out of the country?
If you are out of the country, you only need to download the appropriate application forms, fill them out, have a Justice of the Peace stamp and sign them and mail it to your respective Belize Bank Branch.
Can a minor have access to Online Banking?
At this time, we can only offer a Username to the authorized person who handles the account in the name of the minor.
Which accounts do I qualify to have under my Username?
You can have access to any of your Chequing, Savings, Term Deposits, Loans & Credit Cards accounts.
How many accounts can I have access to online?
There is no limit to the number of accounts you can have assigned to your Belize Bank Online Username.
What information will I be able to view about my Chequing/ Savings Accounts?
You will be able to view your:
  • Account Balance - the actual amount in the Ledger Balance regardless of any holds or ODLs. If the amount is positive, you have money in the account. If the amount is negative, you owe the amount to the
  • Available Balance - the amount of funds in the account currently available for you to access. The Available Balance is calculated using the Ledger (Actual) Balance of the account plus an ODL (Credit Lines) in force, less any active Holds on the account.
  • Overdraft Limits (If applicable) - your approved credit limits available on your accounts
  • Holds - A hold refers to an amount of funds in your account not yet available for you to access.
  • Uncleared Effects - funds deposited to an account but drawn on another bank or financial institution.
  • Transaction History - A listing of all of your account activity (withdrawals, deposits, cashed cheques etc.)