Investment Groups FAQs

Investment Groups
What information will I be able to view about my Investment Groups?
If you register your Term Deposit Accounts online you will be able to see all the Certificates and their rollovers tied into your Term Deposit, and be able to print your Certificates and their rollovers. The information displayed on your screen will be your Certificate No., Addition, Maturity, Principal, Interest, Interest Rate, and Term.
When an Investment Group matures, will I still be able to view it?
If an Investment Group matures and it rolls over, you will still be able to see it under your Username. However, once the group closes, you will no longer be able to see the group.
Is it possible for more than one person to register an Investment Group?
Yes. Anyone who is a part of the Investment Group will be able to have their own Username to access that Investment Group.
How many certificates will appear under a certain Investment Group?
All the certificates that belong to a certain Investment Group will appear under the specified Term Deposit.
How many Investment Groups can I register under my Belize Bank Online Username?
There is no limit to the number of Investment Groups you can have assigned to your Belize Bank Online Username.