Loans FAQs

Can I view my loans online?
Yes, Once your loan account is registered online you will be able to view + download all your loan account activity
What information will I be able to view about my loans?
Online banking customers will be able to see the following information about their loans.
  • Balance left on the loan that is due to the bank
  • Interest rate of the loan
  • The amount in arrears
  • Date the next payment is due
  • Principal of the loan at inception
  • The original term of the loan
How do I pay my loan online?
In order to pay your loan online you just need to transfer from your savings or current account to your loan account. The payment will then be immediately recorded. To do this, click on the "Account Transfer" link in the top menu once you are logged in to Belize Bank Online.
Is there a charge for making a loan payment online?
No. Loan payments made via the online banking system are free of charge.
If I pay my Loan through the Internet, will I still be automatically deducted for the loan by the system when the loan is due?
No, you will not be re-charged by the Bank.