Merchant FAQs

Once a sale is made on my Point of Sale terminal, how long will it take to view that transaction on my Internet Account?
The transaction will appear within 24 hours after you transmit your Batch to the Bank (with the exception of weekends and Bank holidays).
Will I be able to see details of a batch transmitted?
Yes, you will be able to see details of all batches you transmit.
Can I transfer funds from my Merchant Account to pay my Credit Card bill?
No, you will not be able to transfer funds from your Merchant Account to pay your credit card bills.
Can I download and print my merchant transactions?
Yes, you will be able to download your merchant transactions to Microsoft Excel, Quicken or Microsoft Money. You can print your transactions directly from the page you view them on the web or you choose to print them after downloading in to your desired format.
What is the difference between a merchant 'Process Date' and 'Posting Date'?
Process Date is the date the Bank processes the batch. Posting Date is the date the Batch is transmitted to the Bank.