Transfer Funds FAQs

Who can I transfer money to?
Transfers can be done to any of your Belize Bank accounts or to Belize Bank accounts of other individuals. To transfer funds to a Belize bank account other than your own, you will have to set up your Transferee.
What do I need to do to set up a Transferee?
To register a Transferee, you will need to fill out an Online Transference Registration Application and you will need to get authorization from the person you would like to transfer funds to. Once you register a Transferee they will always be available under "Account Transfers."
Once I have a Transferee registered, how do I transfer funds?
Once you have a transferee registered, you need to sign in to Belize Bank Online, go to "Account Transfer" and select "Make a Transfer." You will choose the account you wish to pay from and then chose the appropriate Transferee. Once you enter the desired amount, you click "Perform Transfer."
When is a transfer processed?
When you click "Perform Transfer" a message will be displayed verifying your transfer details and asking if you would like to complete the transfer. Once you click OK, your transfer is processed and a message is displayed on the screen that states 'Your transfer was completed successfully'.
Can I transfer funds from my Belize Dollar account to my US Dollar account?
No. You can only transfer fund on one Belize Dollar account to another. Transfers between foreign currencies are not allowed.
How many times and how much and I allowed to transfer each day?
There is no limit to the number times and the amount you can transfer between accounts assuming you have the funds in your account.
Can I transfer funds of local currency between branches?
Yes, you can transfer funds of local currency between branches.
How much will I be charged to make a transfer between accounts?
There is no charge for making transfers between accounts.