Online Loans

With Belize Bank Online you can view your loan account information online and make loan payments from your chequing or savings account. When you fill out your Online Banking Application, just add your loan account number to the list of Belize Bank accounts that you would like to have access to online. When your loan account is available online, you can view all your loan details such as the current balance, interest rate, arrears, principal, and term of the loan. You can also view the due date and amount owing for your next payment. You can also sort and search through your loan payment history as well. A transaction list of your loan will be displayed, and will show the date, description, and amount of all transactions related to your loan. Each transaction also indicates the balance remaining on the loan after the payment was made. To make loan payments online, you simply log on to Belize Bank Online, click 'Transfer Funds' and choose the account you would like to pay your loan from. Sign up today to access your loan account online!