Personal Chequing Accounts

Our Belize Bank Chequing Accounts help you manage your money by offering you low or no minimum balance requirements, and provides you with convenience in many ways


  • Non-interest bearing account
  • Low monthly service charge


Personalized Chequebooks Regular chequebooks, chequebooks with receipt stubs, or a binder with cheque leaves are available for you to choose from. Care should be taken to write cheques only up to your available balance. FREE Deposit Book FREE Belize Bank VISA Debit Card This versatile card allows you to withdraw up to BZ$500.00 per day from any of our ATMs countrywide, as well as make purchases at merchants countrywide accepting VISA cards. FREE Online Banking With Belize Bank's free Online Banking service you can:
  • Access all your Belize Bank accounts, including loans
  • View current balances and transaction history
  • Pay your utility bills, and Belize Bank credit cards
  • Transfer money between your Belize Bank accounts, or to accounts at other banks
Monthly Statements & Cancelled cheques Personal Chequing accounts provide you with a monthly statement of every transaction on your account so that you can keep track of everything you've done, and balance your account regularly. Cancelled cheques are also provided, and you can choose to receive your statement on the 15th or 30th of each month. Automatic Payments Let us handle your utility bill payments! We can pay your regular utility bills like telephone, electricity, and water. All you need to do is sign up for a "Direct Debit" from your Belize Bank account from your local Belize Electricity (BEL), Belize Telemedia Ltd. (BTL) and/or Belize Water Services Ltd. (BWSL) office, and we will arrange the rest. Joint Accounts Open your Personal Chequing Account with your spouse or anyone you wish, and operate it together or separately, depending on your choice; either way, you are both responsible for all affairs on the account. Standing Orders Need to set up a recurring transfer to another bank account? We can schedule virtually any transfer – to a Belize Bank account or to any other local bank account. All you need to do is write out your payment instructions and the dates you would like the transfer to take place and we will handle the rest for you (a small fee applies).