T-Bill Deposit Service


The ‘T-bill Linked Deposit’ offers Corporate and Commercial clients the ability to invest their free account balances for a short term while earning interest.

Interest on the T-bill Linked Deposit is indexed to the Government of Belize Domestic Treasury yield and funds can be deposited for anywhere from seven (7) to ninety (90) days. Interest is accrued daily and paid at the end of the agreed term*.


  • Provides clients with an effective cash management tool
  • Remuneration for short term deposits not offered elsewhere in the market
  • Flexibility to quickly access your funds*

For more information contact the Bank’s Commercial Banking Center or the Corporate Banking Unit at telephone 227-7132.

*Some conditions apply.

Our term deposits are a safe, secure way to earn higher interest on your savings for a fixed period of time. Choose how long you want to invest and enjoy complete security knowing your interest rate is guaranteed for that period.

Rates for Term Deposits
Term Term Days Interest Rate Early Redemption Date
3 months 88-98 Days 0.25% 0.10%
6 months 178-188 Days 0.85% 0.50%
1 year 360-370 Days 2.65% 1.50%
2 year 718-728 Days 2.75% 2.00%
3 year 1078-1088 Days 2.85% 2.10%
4 year 1456-1466 Days 3.00% 2.30%
5 year 1820-1830 Days 3.30% 2.50%


* Rates are indicative and can vary significantly for substantial deposits. Minimum deposit is BZ$200,000.00


  • Higher, flexible interest rates
  • Risk free way to make money
  • Guaranteed returns
  • Interest is paid upon maturity of deposit
  • Automatic deposit renewals available.