SCCM008 – Stann Creek – Commercial


Lots 168 and 169
Hope Creek Village
Stann Creek District

Tenure: Freehold

Location: Hope Creek Village

Land Area: Lot No.168 & 169 contain 766.202 sq.m.(916.377 sq.yds.) each.

Structures on land: There is a two storied building that is located on the northern side of Lot No.168. A business building used as a pool room and bar. Also on Lot No.169 is a plywood residential building.

Additional Features: The concrete building has dimensions of 30 feet by 40 feet. It accommodates a pool room and bar business along with a storeroom and restroom.

The detached two storey concrete has dimensions of 20 feet by 30 feet at the ground floor level. The ground floor is an occupied apartment that accommodates a kitchen, dining room, three bedrooms, and a bathroom. The upper flat measures 20 feet by 30 feet but only 20 feet by 20 feet is enclosed.  A section accommodates a kitchen and the other section is a bedroom area. The building is in good condition.

The elevated plywood building has dimensions of 12 feet by 20 feet plus a bathroom addition of 6 feet by 8 feet.

Three sides of Lot No.168 are fenced with masonry blocks. Lot No.169 is partially fenced with timber and chain link wire.

Address:Lots 168 & 169
City:Hope Creek Village
State:Stann Creek