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Sixth Form Scholarship Application 2024

Sixth Form Scholarship Applications

– Scholarships will be awarded on Merit and Financial Need –


  Applicants must:

  1. Be a Belizean or the child of a Belizean residing in Belize for at least (3) years
  2. Have a combined household gross annual income not exceeding BZ$20,000.00
  3. Be between the ages of sixteen (16) and nineteen (19)
  4. Be entering Sixth Form for the first time

Required Documents

Please scan all the required documents, as outlined below, in a SINGLE PDF file labeled with your first and last name, and have it readily available for upload for submission.

  1. Copy of valid identification for applicant (Birth Certificate, Social Security Card, or Passport)
  2. Parents/Guardians Income Confirmation
    1. You must present your parents/guardians’ most recent TD4, or letter from their employer stating annual income and employment history (if both parents/guardians are working, this should be submitted for both)
    2. If they are self-employed, kindly provide a letter, stating their monthly income, which is stamped and signed by a Justice of the Peace
    3. If they are unemployed, kindly provide a letter, stating your employment status, which is stamped and signed by a Justice of the Peace
  3. High School Transcript

*Failure to provide one or more documents will result in automatic disqualification.

Application Process

  1. Please download and complete the fillable Application Form here.
  2. Save your completed Application Form with your First and Last Name.
  3. Submit your completed Application Form and the required documents as PDF files in the form below.