Online Security

Keep your Email secure with the following tips

Belize Bank Limited uses your email address to correspond with you and for certain functions in Online Banking such as resetting your account. Keep your Email secure with the following tips:

  • Enable two-factor authentication to authenticate your email account. Two-factor authentication adds another layer of protection such as a phone to confirm who you are to the service. The major free Email providers all offer two-factor authentication on your accounts.
    Use the following helpful links for the most popular Email apps:

    • Gmail: //
    • Microsoft Hotmail or Outlook: //
    • Yahoo Mail: //
  • Use a strong password to protect your account. Use a combination of uppercase, lowercase, numbers, and special characters.
  • Avoid logging in on public use computers such as those used in cafes or airports.
  • Consider using a separate email account for Banking/Shopping and other personal activities.
Please follow Safe Computing Practices to help protect your information

Do not respond to unexpected websites or unsolicited emails that request personal information. If in doubt, contact the trusted company directly. Please follow Safe Computing Practices to help protect your information.