Security Guarantee

Suspect suspicious activity?

If you have any doubts that an email or website is genuine, do not act on its instructions. Instead, contact Belize Bank Corporation Limited at 0-800-227-4648 or by email at [email protected]

Fraud Prevention

Be aware of fraudulent emails which claim to be from the Belize Bank Corporation Limited but which are instead sent by criminals in order to get you to disclose your personal information in order to steal your identity or gain access to your email and bank accounts.

Online Security

Enable two-factor authentication to authenticate your email account. Two-factor authentication adds another layer of protection such as a phone to confirm who you are to the service.

Safe Computing Practices

Do not respond to unexpected websites or unsolicited emails that request personal information. If in doubt, contact the trusted company directly. Please follow Safe Computing Practices to help protect your information.

Online Shopping Tips

It’s important to remember that shopping or performing any activities online has its risks.  You can protect yourself by following the tips outlined in this article.


Card lost or stolen?

Contact Credit Card Department at +501-227-2200 immediately.

Report suspicious activity!

Contact us at 0-800-227-4648 or by email at [email protected]