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Micro Small and Medium Enterprises


We are thrilled to let you know that we have introduced tailored products and services for Small and Medium Enterprises. 

Our customers are the center of everything we do at The Belize Bank Limited (BBL) and we remain committed to providing you with the most innovative financial services in Belize to help your business grow.

Because we care about your business, we are prepared to meet with you and your business partners to discuss the opportunities we have to offer. Some of these include:

Opportunities for SMEs

Loans Unsecured loans up to a maximum of 4 years
Secured loans up to a maximum of 10 years
Very competitive interest rates
FREE loan fee for the first facility
Card Services Separate your personal from your business expenseAutomatic enrollment to the world’s largest travel rewards program where you earn AAdvantage® miles every time you use this credit card
Overdraft protection Simple application process, quick renewals and low interest rates starting at 10.5%
Merchant services Increase your sales by signing up with the Belize Bank to accept credit and debit cards.
E-kyash API service for e-commerce
Free marketing space and opportunity to boost your monthly revenue participating in our expos
Accounts Business chequing accounts
Bank issued cheques
Night Deposits
E-pay services Simply upload a listing with employees’ account information and salary amount and we do the rest.
Banking on the Go No need to wait in line, you can access your account and perform transactions from the comfort of your home or office using Free Online and Mobile Banking
ATM Network The network consists of ATMs distributed evenly all over the country for your convenience

As a bank we value customer experience and endeavor to cultivate genuine long lasting relationships with our customers and the communities we serve. With a dedicated Relationship Officer, you will enjoy the convenience of having someone personally assist you in making sound business decisions to achieve your financial goals.

To speed up your application process and to ensure that we can assist you promptly, we would like to share with you some Golden rules in banking for Small Businesses:

Never stop seeking improvement: Belize Bank can help you to improve your financial affairs and prepare your business to take off.

Work on your financial structure. Having your Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow, can really help you to understand your business dynamics and accelerate your growth. We are here to guide you how to start. Even if you don’t have your Financial Statements ready yet, don’t worry, we have a solution for you.

Make sure you channel your business sales through a bank account. This way even if you don’t have a financial statement ready, we will be able to help you based on your monthly deposits.

Use E-kyash, POS services and bank deposits on a daily basis, so you can increase your deposits. Based on this your affordability and credibility will increase significantly.

Pay to your vendors and partners and well as payroll if you have employees or even your business bills, directly from your account. You can make it within seconds using our online and mobile banking account.

Have 20% equity ready for the investment, we will help you with the rest.

Don’t wait for ‘enough’: Especially when someone is starting a new business, there’s a tendency to wait until they have enough. They need enough money, enough time, enough research, enough contacts. While diving into a business without being adequately prepared is a terrible idea, “enough” can also be used as a delaying tactic. This is where a solid business plan can be incredibly valuable

We truly believe that there is no better time than now to take advantage of Belize Bank’s SME tailored products and services.  We look forward to providing you with an excellent customer experience.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via our online message center (after logging in to your online or mobile banking), or call us at 227-7132 , our Call Center representatives  are available until  7:00 p.m. on weekdays.

Belize Bank strongly supports the growth of all Small Businesses in Belize. View our video to learn more about how we can assist.