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Savings Accounts

The documents you would need to present in order to open a Savings Account are:

1) Valid Social Security Card or passport

2) Proof of Address (This can be in the form of a utility bill, water bill, light bill, or cable bill in your name and not older than 3-months from the date you wish to open your savings account)

Note: If the bill is not in your name, the utility bill holder will be required to complete a proof of occupancy form that the bank provides along with a copy of his/her ID card. Download form here.

A minimum initial deposit of $100.00 is required to open a savings account. For salary accounts, present your letter of employment along with a $20.00 deposit.

Accounts are opened to cater to your financial need, in the event your account has not been recently utilized, the following status applies:

  • An account becomes dormant if there are no transactions after two interest periods (i.e. 1 April and 1 October) and carries a fee of $45.00.
  • After 10 years an account becomes abandoned property and is transferred to the Central Bank of Belize.

To reactive an inactive/ dormant account, you would need to update your personal information and provide a valid identification (Social Security Card or passport) and a recent utility bill. A transaction is also required.

For Personal Savings Account holders, a minimum balance of $150.00 is recommended, and a minimum balance of $1,000.00 for Bonus Savings Account holders.

A fee of $1.50 in charged monthly to operate a savings account and $7.50 monthly for checking accounts.

  • Free Visa Debit Card, which also acts as an ATM card. The Visa Debit Card is accepted anywhere the Visa logo is displayed.
  • Free Online Banking.
  • Free Access to our Mobile Banking App to access your account on Android and iOS devices.
  • Free Bill Payments whether processed online or through our tellers.
  • No Fee Payments to Social Security and GST

You can conveniently access your account anytime and anywhere using our Mobile Banking App, Online Banking or SMS Banking platforms or via our nationwide ATM network. You can also visit one of our 11 branches near you.

Please ensure that you have cleared all arrears linked to your account and then proceed with the following:

  • For persons living in Belize, a valid ID must be presented.  Chequing account holders should also submit all available blank check leaves.
  • For persons living aboard, an original notarized authority with clear and proper instructions is required to close an account along with a notarized copy of your passport. If proceeds are to be remitted to another individual, that person must also present a valid ID.
  • Any accounts closed within 90 days after being opened will carry a service charge of $35.00

Chequing Accounts

To re-oder checkbooks you can send a request via Online Banking through the Message Center. You can also place your orders via telephone; provided that a staff member can verify your identity.

Personal checkbooks cost $5.00 for 50 cheques. Commercial checkbooks cost $30.00 per 100 sheets of 300 cheques.

Personal Checking Account holders are allowed 3 free checks per month. Additional checks incur a service charge of $1.50 per check.

Checking Account holders are allowed 10 Free entries (this includes credits) per month. Additional entries will incur a service charge of $1.50 per item.

To place a stop payment, you can visit any of our customer service representatives at any of our branches and place a stop payment order.
You can also send a message through the Message Center via online Banking.

A written authorization by a regular customer or business owner is another way to place a stop payment order (Please don’t forget to include the particulars of check).

The availability of your funds depends on the type of deposit:

  • Cash Deposits – funds are available immediately
  • BBL Check Deposits – funds are available at the end of the business day
  • Other Bank Check Deposits (same district) – funds are available after 1 business day


Depending on your type of mortgage, the following documents are required:

For the Purchase of a House:
a) Job Letter
b) Id (Valid passport or Social security)
c) Utility bill to confirm your address (Not more than three months old)
d) Appraisal Report on the property (This will indicate the value of the house and land)
e) Sale agreement Letter
f) Proof of 5% equity injection

For the Construction of a House:
a) Job Letter
b) Id (Valid passport or Social security)
c) Utility bill to confirm your address (Not more than three months old)
d) House Plan with approval obtained from Central Building Authority
e) Cost estimates from a reputable contractor
f) Copy of Land document
g) Receipt to confirm property tax paid to date
h) Appraisal Report to confirm value of land

For a down payment, Mortgage customers need at least 5% Equity Injection (contribution) along with Legal fees and closing cost which varies based on the amount of the mortgage. If you are a non-national, you would need a minimum of 50% Equity Injection.

The Administrative fee charged by the Lawyer who prepares the Legal Documents is subjected to 12.5% GST.

Refinancing Your Mortgage

You may want to consider refinancing to enjoy these benefits:
a) Securing a lower interest rate, in order to lower your monthly payments
b) Shortening the term of the Loan
c) Getting a Home Equity Loan that will be used for home improvements
d) For Consolidating Debt

You should refinance when you are able to receive a lower mortgage rate ( at least a 1% reduction) or when you calculate the closing cost compared to the reduction in the rate and can realize a savings opportunity.

Credit Cards

Yes. You are able to view your credit card statement online once you have signed up for our free online banking service.
Personal Online Banking Application
Commercial Online Banking Application

Yes, if your credit card is linked to your Online Banking, you can make payments online FREE of cost.

Credit Card Payment can be processed immediately once you select Instant Credit on our online banking feature. This instant feature is at a nominal fee of $20.00

Other fees included interest, membership fee, over the limit fee, late fee, increase in limit fee, international transaction Fee (Visa product only), and cash advance fee.

A cash advance fee is a charge that a credit card issuer charges a customer for accessing the cash credit line on his or her account, through an ATM or at a bank’s teller window. The cash advance fee is 2.5% or minimum $5.00, whichever is greater. At the teller, local Belize Bank Visa card cash advance is 2.5% + 2% or $10.00 whichever is greater, and International is 2.5% + 2% or $20.00 whichever is greater.

If the event that your card is lost or stolen, , during normal working hours, immediately contact any Belize Bank branch and report that your card has been lost/stolen. After normal working hours, customers should call 227-5033 or 1-877-973-5322.

A chip card is a plastic payment card with a microchip that is virtually impossible to duplicate. A chip card offers a variety of benefits, including the following:

• Facilitates enhanced security programs that protect against unauthorized use of a Visa card whichprovides a greater protection against misuse and fraud.
• Is capable of holding many applications.
• Keeps and updates large amounts of data.
• Has enhanced options to support PIN (replacing signature, in some markets).
• Performs calculations and makes decisions.
• Enhances confidence in the payments system

“Chip-on-chip” transaction (i.e., a chip card read by a chip terminal) provides dynamic authentication data, which
helps to better protect all parties against Fraud.

While chip cards help protect you from fraud you should still keep your card safe and protect your PIN at all times.