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Mastercard Standard

The Mastercard Standard Credit Card provides you with convenience and value. This card allows you to buy just about anything, anywhere in the world. Applying is easy, and approval is done at the branch where you applied. Even better, the cards are printed in our Card Service Center in Belize City, and you can have your card in your hand within a week. The Mastercard Standard Credit Card carries a US dollar line of credit.


  • Worldwide acceptance– Because MasterCard is widely recognized around the world, purchases can be used at millions of locations worldwide.
  • Instant cash with your card– You can obtain cash locally or internationally with your MasterCard from any ATM displaying the ‘MasterCard’  or ‘Cirrus’ logos.
  • Replacement of lost or stolen cards– If your card is lost or stolen, simply call +501-227-5033 and we will replace the card within 3-5 days business days from the date your report was taken from any of our branches. If you happen to be in the United States, a card can be replaced within 48 hours if you call the following 24-hour service number: 877-973-5322.
  • Flexible Payment Options– You have the option of paying the entire balance within 20 business days of the statement date, or paying in installments. If the latter is chosen, a minimum of 5% of the outstanding balance or US$25.00, whichever is greater, must be paid on or before the due date. Payments can be made online or at any of our branches.


  • Master Global Services provides emergency card-related assistance any time, anywhere, via one toll-free phone call. Services include Lost/Stolen Reporting Service, Emergency Card Replacement Service, Emergency Cash Advance and ATM Locations.
  • Purchase Protection reimburses you for theft and/or accidental damage of purchased items. You can get up to US $100 per occurrence / US $200 per 12 months. Coverage applies for up to 45 days after the covered purchase, which must be paid in full with your Mastercard credit card

In addition to the benefits above, you can add the following options to increase the value of your Belize Bank credit card:

  • Instant payment– in selecting the immediate payment option via our online or mobile banking services, you will instantly have access to your funds (minimal fee applies).
  • Insurance-offers financial protection so that you can have ease of mind knowing that you are covered for unforeseen circumstances (ask one of our friendly banking representatives about the cost and valuable coverage of a life or life and critical illness insurance)
  • Standing Order-allows you to automatically make recurring bill payments on dates of your choosing. You have control to set up the payment amount and dates, and in the case of your credit card,  you can pay the minimum or full balance.  Here is a tutorial on how you can set up this free and wonderful feature via online banking (Belize Bank to Belize Bank transfers are free and a minimal fee applies for other bank transfers).

View “Know Your Credit Card guide powered by Belize Bank” to learn more about how to access your credit card limit details, the importance of PIN and other TIPs and Information. 

Interested in a AAdvantage® Mastercard Standard Credit Card and want an easy and fast way to access the application?

Simply complete the fillable form below, print, and submit to the nearest Belize Bank branch. Also provide the following documents:
• Valid Copy of Social Security card
• Employment Letter or if Self-Employed, present proof of Income

A Personal Banking Representative will contact you on the status of your application.