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Corporate Social Responsibility

Over the course of 100+ years, The Belize Bank Limited, as a responsible corporate citizen, has learned that we can only be as strong as the families, businesses, institutions and communities that surround and support our Bank.  For this reason, as the Bank continues to grow and evolve, so does our commitment, creativity and drive in our Corporate Social Responsibility efforts.  We are dedicated to creating positive changes in the communities we serve and deepening those connections among our employees, customers, neighbors and partners.

With the many issues facing our society today, the Bank has focused its community efforts in four key areas, with particular emphasis on education, youth and sports.  The Bank recognizes that our young people represent the future of our country, and as such our primary objective is to partner with agencies, organizations, and groups through long-term, structured, community based projects and programs.    The aim of these partnerships is to create more opportunities for engaging and developing our youth and the communities they live in.


The Belize Bank welcomes all opportunities to partner with organizations and groups who have a vested interest in positively impacting Belize and its youth through education, sports, arts & culture, and community development.

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