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Business Payments

Enhancements make vendor payments easier

Processing all your vendor payments individually is now a thing of the past with our enhanced business payments services. Pay multiple vendors from multiple banks with just a few easy clicks.

Make all your business payments easier!

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Vendor Payments

The Belize Bank’s Vendor Payment service provides corporate customers with a quick and simple way to pay their local suppliers or business vendors electronically in a single file upload. Our B-pay service eliminates the need for multiple transfers or cheques.

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Employee Salary

The Payroll deposit service allows customers to process their payroll online by transferring funds into each employee’s designated account. No matter the size of your company, we've got you covered. Simply upload a listing with employees’ account information and salary amount and we do the rest.

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Social Security

This service is used for submitting Contributory payments made to the Social Security Board.

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Customs Payments

This option is available to customers who wish to pay the Customs and Excise Department for taxes imposed on items being imported into the country.

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General Sales Tax

This service is available for submitting declarations and making tax payments to the General Sales Tax Department.


Make all your payments in just a few steps.

How to process multiple vendor payments

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