ADDRESS: Parcel No. 577 ,578
CITY:San Estevan Registration Section
COUNTY:San Estevan Village
STATE:Orange Walk District

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Parcel No. 577 ,578

San Estevan Registration Section

San Estevan Village

Orange Walk District

Tenure: Freehold

Location : San Estevan Registration Section

San Estevan Village

Orange Walk District

Land Area: Parcel No. 576 containing 919.4 square meters(1099.60 square yards)

Parcel No. 578 containing 960.5 square meters(1148.76 square yards)

Structures of Land: The lot is associated with the business of a petrol filling station and a convenience store, dispensing canopy, underground fuel tanks, fuel dispensers, courtyard, fences, compound lighting and generator/utility building.

Convenience Store Building has external dimensions of 20 feet by 56 feet. It accommodates two restrooms  an office. The main frame of the building is of reinforced concrete beams and columns. The floor is fully tiled.

The building has just recently been completed.

Dispensing Canopy and Dispensers the Canopy measures 40 feet by 50 feet and has a clearance of 17.5 feet from the floor level to the underside of the canopy. The frame of the canopy is supported by reinforced concrete beams and columns.

The entire perimeter of the two lots is fenced.

Courtyard- The area of the two lots contains 2,297.52 square yards. Of this total area, approximately 2055 square yards(+/- 89%) is covered with concrete. The courtyard is constructed of non-slip reinforced concrete approximately 6 inches thick.

Generator/Utility House- This is a small utility building at the southeastern corner of the fenced compound.