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Women’s Financial Inclusion Workshop

On April 27th, 2022, Belize Bank’s head of Digital, Retail & Business Banking, Mrs. Agata Ruta, was invited as a panelist at the Women’s Financial Inclusion Workshop.  This workshop was sponsored by the Republic of China(Taiwan) and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Foreign Trade and Immigration as a part of a project entitled, “Enhancing the Economic Empowerment of Women in Latin America and the Caribbean in the COVID-19 Post Pandemic Era: Technical Assistance for Women’s Employment, Entrepreneurship and Financial Inclusion”.

The workshop aimed at building institutional capacity among Belizean Financial Service Providers by developing a basic understanding of both women’s empowerment and financial inclusion; outlining methodologies for designing and implementing WFI interventions and underscoring the importance of inclusive financial technology.

Mrs. Ruta highlighted The Belize Bank’s commitment to ensuring equitable access by women to the Bank’s financial products and services, in line with the Central’s Bank financial inclusion strategy.  This includes the convenient access to our electronic banking channels; Online and Mobile Banking, E-kyash, POS terminals, and our expansive network for ATMs which are strategically located to better serve our customers. Another example would be the recent development of the SME segment within the bank, which comprises a dedicated team who caters to the needs of  micro, small and medium sized businesses. The distinction of this market segment is very important to us in order to ensure that all our customer needs, including women, are met and they have equal access to specialized products and services.  Our SME officers are located in each district and are ready to help even if the business does not have financial statements readily available. 

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