In promoting a healthy lifestyle, The Belize Bank Ltd. not only supports physical but also mental well- being and contributes to the social support granted by the Welcome Resource Center. On Friday, September 18th, Ms. Joyce Ellis from Welcome Resource Center presented Mrs. Denise Godfrey, Senior Marketing Office of the Belize Bank Ltd. with a Corporate Citizen Award. The award was given in appreciation of the Bank’s contributions to the center since May 2014.

The Center was founded on Monday 14th November, 2011  as an initiative of the Mental Health Association (MHA) and lives by its mantra of “Healthy Choices, Healthy People, Healthy Body, Healthy Mind” by providing meals, bathing facilities, clothing, basic job skills training, counseling and therapeutic activities to individuals who are homeless or mentally ill. Additional services include increased awareness and knowledge of mental health issues in Belize, with a focus on the reduction of stigma and discrimination and improved services for persons with mental illness. As an opportunity for participants to earn income, the center provides a stipend to participating individuals who assist with cleaning initiatives and recycling activities.

The bank is honored to receive such recognition as the donation assists  478 registered participants.