Foreign Exchange

Foreign Exchange

Your money should travel as safely as you do! With a worldwide foreign exchange network, whether you're traveling or sending money overseas, the Belize Bank can provide you with several options:
  • Cash (US, Euro, Canadian, Pounds Sterling)
  • Bank Drafts
  • Wire Transfers


Belize Bank offers a range of popular currencies and all you need to do is bring in your passport and plane ticket (or other valid travel document).  Purchases of foreign currency in cash are subject to local Foreign Exchange Control Regulations.

Bank Drafts

Bank drafts are a safe and economical way to send money abroad either as a gift for that special someone or to purchase something you want.  Bank Drafts are subject to local Foreign Exchange Control Regulations and foreign currency availability.

Wire Transfers

The Belize Bank offers international wire transfers via the secure SWIFT system to any location throughout the world.