Friday, May 15th, 2020 – The Anglican Diocese of Belize has organized various initiatives aimed at demonstrating their care and concern for all Belizeans as they struggle to cope with the health and economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. One of their initiatives is the “Mission Feed Belize” program which is a food pantry program that is currently feeding over 600 families. The program was developed and coordinated by the Diocesan Outreach Commission, who recently reached out to the Lord Ashcroft COVID-19 Relief Fund committee, requesting support. Whilst the program was able to sustain their efforts for the month of April, they anticipated that additional funding would be required to increase the food supplies for an extended period of at least three months.

Today, Mr. Lyndon Guiseppi, Chairman of the Lord Ashcroft COVID-19 Relief Fund and Mrs. Denise Godfrey, Senior Marketing Officer of the Belize Bank Limited met with Rt. Rev. Phillip Wright, Bishop of the Anglican Diocese of Belize and Mr. Jeffrey Locke, Chairman of the Anglican Cathedral College, to hand over a cheque in the amount BZ$60,000.00 to assist with funding for “Mission Feed Belize” and the other initiatives organized by the Diocese.

The Lord Ashcroft COVID-19 Relief Fund shares the Diocese’s vision on the positive impact these initiatives will have on already marginalized families of Belize and pledges its ongoing support.