Monday, August 24th, 2020 – To enhance the health and well-being of fellow police officers, The Belize Police Commissioner-Chester Williams presented a proposal to the Lord Ashcroft COVID-19 Relief Fund committee to acquire state of the art gym equipment and materials for the renovations of the Police Fitness Center. Embracing the culture of health and wellness, the committee agreed to contribute to the proposal.

Today, Mr. Lyndon Guiseppi, chairman of the Lord Ashcroft Covid-19 Relief Fund committee, presented Belize Commissioner of Police, Mr. Chester Williams with a cheque valued at $135,600.00.

The Commissioner expressed his gratitude to Lord Ashcroft and the committee and further stated, “Police Officers make many daily sacrifices-working long and late hours- which eventually impact their overall health and well-being. Exercise is known to be directly proportional to improving both physical and mental health. Officers who have top physical health will have greater productivity and effectiveness in their duties.”

To have a safe and well-equipped gym that is accessible and affordable for police officers, the Police department has sourced the expertise of Mr. Darwin Gallardo, owner and manager of Muscle Hut Gym. Mr. Gallardo will assist in the renovation of the Police Fitness Center in Belize City and acquire the equipment needed. State of the art gym equipment that the funds will cover include spinning bikes, dumbbells, Olympic plates, BUGE Smith machine, cable crossover, adjustable benches and more.

The Lord Ashcroft COVID-19 Relief Fund Committee is honored to assist the department in achieving its health and fitness goals and to promote a healthy and active workforce as members of the department continue to serve the country during the COVID-19 pandemic.