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Merchant Services

Everyday millions of cardholders use their cards to purchase good and services across the world and some of these transactions take place in Belize. Never miss a sale opportunity with Belize Bank’s reliable, secure, and efficient Merchant Services. Give your customers what they want by accepting their AMEX, MasterCard and Visa credit and debit cards. Not only will you be able to manage your finances and increase your sales, Merchant Services allow you to cut costs and save while avoiding the risks associated with cash.

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Global Network – Adds immense economic value to your business because it enables international currency acceptance. High High High
Domestic Acceptance – Belize Bank POS accepts payments from globally recognized brands helping your business to grow. NEW – HIGH Acceptance Anticipation High High
Enhanced Authorization – Provides a mechanism that increases fraud protection during the authorization process. High High High
Extra Layer of Security for Purchases – Some cards may require pins to protect the business and the card holders – reducing your chargebacks significantly. Available Available Available
EMV card present security – Your POS is enabled to accept EMV chip card technology with is inherently more secure that magnetic stripe cards. Yes Yes Yes
Enabled contactless payments that encrypt transactions – Encrypted transactions offer a layer of security for both the merchant and the cardholder. It easy, convenient, and sure. With just one tap your customers can pay for their purchases (up to defined amount). Yes Yes Yes
Potential Customers – Never miss an opportunity to make a sale. By accepting all card brands Belize Bank offers, you will be able to expand the influx of customers to your business. Increased reach to high-spending customers High outreach High outreach
Set-up Fee – Belize Bank has specialized officers trained to assist you with your merchant services for FREE FREE FREE FREE
MDR – MDR rates are highly competitive Competitive Rates Competitive Rates Competitive Rates
Customer Loyalty – Exclusive Belize Bank customers enjoy lower MDRs Lower MDR & Dedicated MDO Lower MDR & Dedicated MDO Lower MDR & Dedicated MDO
For questions regarding your merchant account and rates, please contact one of our Sales and Business Development Officers.
For immediate assistance regarding our Merchant Services, feel free contact one of our Merchant Development Officers:

Caye Caulker


Stann Creek/Toledo


San Pedro

614-7620/ 614-2549

Belmopan/San Ignacio


Corozal/Orange Walk/Belize