How can I obtain my monthly statement? Your credit card statement is available online. You can view and download your credit card statement online or via the mobile app. You will have access to your previous credit card statements and the most recent one is available two business days after the statement date. Statement dates are as follows: MasterCards – 25th of every month; Visa – 16th of every month.
What is the Stamp Duty charged to my card? A stamp duty is levied for purchases that you make in a foreign currency. Transactions of foreign exchange are subject to a government stamp duty at a rate of 1 3/4 % per dollar.
What is finance charge? A credit card’s finance charge is the interest fee charged on the used amount of your credit card. This amount can be found at the bottom of your credit card statement.
What is my statement date? Your statement period runs for one month and covers all your credit card activity during that time. The last day of the period is the date your statement was created. This is your statement date. You can easily locate your statement date on the right upper side of your monthly credit card statement. Your payment is due at least 21 days after this date.
What is my payment due date? Your credit card due date is the date your credit card payment is due. It is usually 15 to 25 days from the statement date.