ADDRESS: Parcel No.9772 (18.01 Acres) – Parcels Nos.9720-9769
CITYNorth of San Pedro Town
COUNTYSan Pedro Town Registration Section
STATE:Ambergris Caye

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Tenure: Freehold

Location: Approximately 5 kilometers north of San Pedro Town
and approximately 1.2 kilometers southeast of Grand
Belizean Estates Development.

Land Area: Parcels Nos.9720 to 9771 are comprised of lot sizes ranging from approximately 410 s.m. to just over 2500 s.m. Parcel No.9772 contains 18.01 acres.

Structures on land: No structures on land.

Additional Features: Parcels Nos. 9731 and 9747 are registered as open spaces and Parcel No.9770 is registered as a green area. Parcel 9771 is the parcel number assigned to the area covered by the street reserves within the subdivision.

The subject properties are only accessible via boat by navigating through the San Pedro Lagoon.

There are no improvements on any of the lots. The vegetation is comprised of small and medium size mangroves.