What do I need to open an E-Smart/ salary account? The documents you would need to open a Salary Account, known as E-Smart Account, are as follows:
1) Valid Social Security Card or passport
2) Proof of Address – This can be in the form of a valid driver’s license, employment verification letter that states your permanent address, utility bill in your name and not older than 3-months from the date you open your account.
Note: If the bill is not in your name, the utility bill holder will be required to complete a proof of occupancy form that the bank provides along with a copy of his/her ID card. Download form here.
3. For salary accounts, present your employment verification letter along with a $20.00 deposit.
What are the features and benefits of E-Smart Accounts? With an E-Smart Account, you can enjoy the following products/services that we offer:
a. Free Contactless Debit Card
b. Free Online Banking
c. Free Access to our Mobile Banking App.
d. Overdraft Protection – Is a simple way to cover for shortfalls in your E-Smart accounts. In other words, it’s similar a mini loan to protect our customers against declined debit transactions, non-sufficient funds, additional non-authorized overdrafts fees and higher interest rates.
e. Free SMS Based Banking
f. Monthly ledger fee is $2.
g. Over the counter withdrawal fee is $2
h. Deposits service fee if $1
i. No cheques
j. Non-interest-bearing account
How can I obtain an overdraft protection on my E-Smart Account?

All customers over 18 years old with eligible direct deposits per month can qualify for Overdraft Protection. Ask any of our friendly customer service representatives about how you can access overdraft protection.

Overdraft protection is a simple way to cover for shortfalls in current accounts. The overdraft protection is offered in different amounts namely $500, $1000, $3000 or $5000. The repayment term is monthly interest based on the used amount. An Interest rate of 10.5% to 11.5% applies.

Can I add someone else to my account? Absolutely, all joint bank accounts can have two or more owners. Visit the nearest Belize Bank Limited branch, with the person you wish to add, and present the required documents. The bank will generally require both owners to complete and sign a joint application form and signature card, which authorizes both owners to have full access and control of the account. With a Joint Account, each account holder enjoys the following products/services that we offer:
a. Free Debit Card
b. Free Online Banking
c. Free Access to our Mobile Banking App.
d. Free SMS Based Banking
e. Monthly fee varies on the account type
f. Free online banking statements
Can I include a beneficary to my account? The Belize Bank Limited does not require you to name a beneficiary when you open a checking or savings account. Any funds in your savings or checking account can be included in your estate after you die which the bank will honor after probate. It is important to note that joint holders will also have full access to your account.
How can I access the E-Smart Account statement?

You can easily download your statement via online banking for FREE. If the months requested have not been generated under the “statements” section you can access it via the online banking website by following the below steps:

1. Log in via the website https://online.belizebank.com/#/auth/login
2. Click on the account
3. Click on the Dates (appears below your name and account number)
4. A calendar will pop up, click on the start date and end date of your desired statement.
5. Click OK
6. A transaction list for those dates will appear
7. Click on Print (you can then select to print or save as PDF)

Monthly statements can also be obtained from your branch for a minimum of $10 per statement.

How can I set up SMS based banking?

To set up text or email alerts whenever any transaction occurs on your account, Kindly follow the steps below:

1. login in to the website https://online.belizebank.com/#/auth/login
2. Click on Mobile Channel
3. Click Alert Subscription
4. Select your Account
6. select a deposit above threshold (this is so you get a text whenever money comes in, you also have other options to add), or choose from any other option available
8. Set your threshold at 1 so whenever anything greater than $1 is deposited you will receive a text
9. Click on Subscribe!

How can I change/update the contact information on my account? For the best mobile banking experience, we recommend logging on the online or mobile app. Open the main menu (three horizontal bars) and follow the steps below, based on what needs to be changed:
On the App
1. Log in to the app and select SETTINGS
2. Select update contacts
3. Please provide a new phone number or a new email address
4. Enter the new phone number in the format 501-6**-****
5. Click update

On the Website:
1. Log in to the online banking and select SETTINGS
2. Select change contact
3. Please provide your new phone number or a new email address
4. Enter the new phone number in the format 501-6**-****
5. Select confirm change

Every 6 months all customers who have access to digital banking (online or via an app) will be prompted to update their contact information (email and phone number).

Current information including name, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, etc. need to be kept up-to-date at the bank. If they don’t have a reliable means of contacting you, you could be missing out on some key personal benefits including but not limited to:

1. Security Updates
2. Fraud Protection
3. Statements and Notices
4. Important Account Changes
5. Debit/Credit Card Upgrades and Replacement
6. Mobile alerts

Remember, if you move, change your name or even just get a new phone number, inform one of our helpful customer support representatives who will guide you with how to update your information. It could save you a lot of headaches.

How can I add my account(s) online? Follow these easy steps to add your account(s) to your online banking account:
1. Log in to your online banking on the website https://online.belizebank.com/#/auth/login
4. Click ADD ACCOUNT +
5. from the drop down box select the account you would like to add