Are miles earned on all credit cards? AAdvantage® Mastercard credit card offers automatic enrollment to the world’s largest travel rewards program where you earn AAdvantage® miles every time you use your credit card both locally or internationally. For each $1 USD spent you will gain 1 AAdvantage® mile. Cards that are not AAdvantage® do not earn miles.
How do I access my miles?

Kindly visit the AA website to complete the process of accessing the account.

When you attempt to log in, it will request your AA number, last name and a password. You will choose the option to recover a password then a temporary password will be sent to your email address. Afterwards, you will be able to log in to your AA account.

Moreover, please note that you will be able to view your earned miles (base and bonus) via you monthly credit card statement.

Where do I find my membership number or the miles earned? Your AA customer number will be available on your Credit Card Statement. Every month, AA will email you an e-summary of your AA account containing all details pertaining to the miles earned. You can also view this by logging in to your AA account.
What to do if I have multiple AA membership numbers?

Customers needing to merge AAdvantage accounts have three (3) options:

1. Customers can go to, login to one of their AAdvantage accounts, and request to merge accounts.

2.Customers can send an email to AAdvantage account service at [email protected] and place
“Merge account” in the subject line. In the body of the email they should make the request to merge accounts

3. Customers can call 223-2522 and request to merge their accounts. Customer service will then complete the request.
Link for more information:

For all 3 options, it is easier if you know the AA acounts you wish to merge.