What are the requirements to open a Personal Checking Account? The documents you would need to open a Personal Checking account are as follows:
1) Valid Social Security Card or passport
2) Proof of Address – This can be in the form of a valid driver’s license, employment verification letter that states your permanent address, utility bill in your name and not older than 3-months from the date you wish to open your account.
Note: If the bill is not in your name, the utility bill holder will be required to complete a proof of occupancy form that the bank provides along with a copy of his/her ID card. Download form here.
What are the features and benefits of a Personal Chequing account? With an Personal Chequing Account, you can enjoy the following products/services that we offer:
a) Personalized Chequebooks
b) Free Deposit Book
c) Free Mobile Banking App
d) FREE Online Banking
e) Free monthly statements via online banking
f) Cash Withdrawal fee is $1
g) Deposit fee if $1
h) No monthly ledger fee
How can I reorder chequebook? You can order your personal checks with any of these easy options:
Online – order in the app or mobile banking,
In person at your nearest Belize Bank Limited branch or by phone call 227-7132 (be sure to have your last four cheque numbers).
How do I stop payment on a personal cheque? To stop the payment of a check, go to a nearest Belize Bank Limited branch or send a message via the online banking secure message center. Request a Stop Payment Order in writing. Make sure to report the check number, the amount, the recipient’s name, and the date on the check.
Does this account earn interest? Checking accounts are non interest bearing accounts.
How to withdraw money from my chequing account? It’s easy to withdraw cash from your checking account anytime using your debit card at an ATM or by visiting a branch. You can also take money out of your account by writing checks, making payments in online and mobile banking, and sending money to friends and family with person to person transfers, such as E-kyash.
Do you need a minimum deposit or minimum balance? We recommend that you maintain a minimum balance of xxxxx
How do I access the monthly account statement?

You can easily download your statement via online banking for FREE. If the months requested have not been generated under the “statements” section you can access it via the online banking website by following the below steps:

1. Log in via the website https://online.belizebank.com/#/auth/login
2. Click on the account
3. Click on the Dates (appears below your name and account number)
4. A calendar will pop up, click on the start date and end date of your desired statement.
5. Click OK
6. A transaction list for those dates will appear
7. Click on Print (you can then select to print or save as PDF)

Monthly statements can also be obtained from your branch for a minimum of $10 per statement.