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Belize Bank successfully hosts its 12th Annual Stella Maris Christmas party!

In a heartwarming event today, the Belize Bank successfully hosted its 12th Annual Christmas party, spreading festive cheer to over 130 children with special needs from Stella Maris Primary School. The event unfolded at The Hub, generously provided as this year’s venue.

The Belize Bank, known for its commitment to community engagement, went above and beyond to create a joyful atmosphere for the attendees. Santa’s Helpers from the bank orchestrated an array of activities, including games, dancing, and face painting, captivating the children’s spirits.

A particularly enchanting feature of the morning was the establishment of a mini petting zoo, where the children delighted in interacting with hamsters, guinea pigs, chicks, piglets, and baby lambs. This interactive experience added an extra layer of joy to the celebration, leaving lasting memories for the young participants.

Ensuring a holistic experience, all attendees, including the children, teachers, and staff members from Stella Maris, were treated to a traditional Belizean Christmas lunch, fostering a sense of unity and shared celebration.

As the festivities continued, the highlight of the day unfolded when Santa made a grand entrance, presenting each child with carefully selected gifts generously donated by the Belize Bank Ltd. This gesture not only brightened the day for the young recipients but also underscored the bank’s dedication to making a positive impact in the local community during the holiday season.

The 12th Annual Christmas party organized by the Belize Bank stands as a testament to the institution’s ongoing commitment to corporate social responsibility, bringing joy and creating cherished moments for the children of Stella Maris Primary School.