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Chairman & CEO Mr. Filippo Alario is a panelist at the prestigious 2023 Belize Investment Summit

Our CEO, Filippo Alario, was honored to participate as a panelist at the prestigious 2023 Belize Investment Summit. As the head of Belize’s largest financial institution, Mr. Alario had the privilege of sharing the stage with CEO Henry N. Anderson and Chairman Reynaldo Magana, engaging in insightful discussions surrounding investment opportunities and challenges within Belize.

During this forum, Mr. Alario also had the opportunity to shed light on Belize Bank’s pioneering efforts to revolutionize the banking industry, focusing on enhancing accessibility, efficiency, and innovation in financial services. These strides are exemplified through the successful implementation of various digital strategies, including the introduction of Belize’s premier digital wallet, E-kyash, and the launch of Belize’s inaugural fully digital online loan application platform.

We are excited to continue driving progress in Belize’s financial landscape.