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Introducing Soft Tokens

Introducing Soft Tokens


We are excited to announce the introduction of Belize Bank Mobile and Online Banking’s new and advanced security feature – One Time Password (OTP). The OTP, also known as a “Soft- Token”, is a passcode that is valid for only one login session or transaction, on a computer system or other digital device. This OTP will replace the need to enter your security question when logging in and your PIN when completing debit transactions from your accounts, not only making new feature secure, but also fast and convenient..

You will also be happy to note that enterprise and individual soft token users will have the ability to make online transfers without the need of responding to a confirmation email as long as the transaction amount is below the new transaction limits which has since been increased to the following:



Benefits of using One time passwords

Added Security

One Time Password adds a critical security layer, ensuring that your account is always protected from theft.

Save time

Remove the complication of using passwords and PIN when you want to access your account. Authenticate with ease using OTP

Always Verified

Unlike static passwords, no one can know your password since it always refreshes. Only you will have access

Multiple Channels

Whether using our Mobile Banking app or our Online Banking, your OTP will work seamlessly across our channels.

Stop Attacks

Say goodbye to compromised passwords and PINs. Attackers will never be able to access your account without your OTP

App Experience

Use our Mobile Banking app without a PIN to verify every transaction. Your OTP is built into the app; verification now happens automatically

Now available in our Mobile Banking App.

Your soft token will be generated using our Mobile Banking app. Make sure you download the latest version from your app store.

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How to register your Soft Token