Friday, July 24, 2020 – In early June, the Rotary Club of Belize along with its counterpart Kolbe Foundation, which now manages the Belize Central Prison, reached out to the Lord Ashcroft COVID-19 Relief Fund seeking financial assistance for the mass production of reusable face masks. A donation in the amount of $60,000.00 was granted which covered the cost for the production of approximately 20,000 face masks by the Tailoring section of the Prison’s rehabilitation program.

On July 22nd, the first supply of masks was distributed to various non-profit organizations whose mandate is to assist the marginalized communities of Belize. These organizations included; Help Age Belize, Belize Diabetes Association, Mercy Clinic, Mental Health Association, Salvation Army of Belize, Belize Cancer Society, Rotary Sunrise Clubs countrywide and the Rotaract Club of Belize. On behalf of these organizations, The Rotary Club of Belize expressed their appreciation to the Lord Ashcroft COVID-19 Relief Fund for partnering with them in this initiative to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 in Belize.