ADDRESS: Lot No. 21
CITY:Red Bank Village
STATE:Stann Creek

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Lot No.21
Red Bank Village
Stann Creek District

Tenure: Freehold

Location: Red Bank Village
Stann Creek District

Structures on land: There is a concrete bungalow on the lot with dimensions of 19 feet by 24 feet.

Additional Features: The eastern half of the building has a bedroom and a kitchen. The western half is an open area used as a sitting room.

The building frame is in good condition. There is no ceiling in the building and the partition walls are unpainted.

There is a timber enclosure at the southeastern corner of the building used as a shower.

Red Bank Village is approximately 3.5 miles west of the Southern Highway, approximately 6.5 miles southwest of the George Town High School and approximately 14 miles from Independence Village