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Mr. Lyndon Guiseppi

Executive Chairman

A career banker with almost 3 decades of experience, Mr. Guiseppi was appointed as Chief Executive Officer of the Belize Bank in August 2008. Under his leadership the bank has diversified its portfolio, increased its level of profitability, improved the quality of its assets and has seen a significant increase in its level of capitalization.

Prior to joining the Belize Bank, Mr. Guiseppi held several executive management positions in the regional banking industry, including Managing Director of RBTT Merchant Bank and Deputy CEO of RBTT Bank (Trinidad).

Over the years Mr. Guiseppi had the distinction of sitting the boards of several major private sector enterprises, including the Trinidad and Tobago Manufacturers Association, the British Caribbean Chamber of Commerce (Trinidad), RGM Limited and Development Finance Limited. Mr. Guiseppi is currently the Executive Chairman of the Belize Bank and sits on the board of its parent company, Caribbean Investment Holdings Limited which is listed on the London Stock Exchange (AIM).

Over the years, Mr. Guiseppi has consulted with several Caribbean multi-lateral organizations and also sat on several Cabinet Appointed Committees charged with the responsibility of reviewing the financial services sector in Trinidad and Tobago.

Mr. Guiseppi holds a Bachelors Degree in Economics and Law from the University of the West Indies, Cave Hill and a Masters Degree in Economics from University of West Indies, St Augustine.

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Mr. Filippo Alario

Deputy Chief Executive Officer and Chief Risk Officer

Mr. Filippo Alario is the Deputy Chief Executive Officer and Chief Risk Officer of the Belize Bank. Mr. Alario is responsible for strategic leadership of risk management, including policy setting, governance and reporting. His activities cover implementation of a coordinated group wide Enterprise Risk Management Framework and the independent oversight of risk management including AML/CFT Compliance.

A 25 year career banker in the Caribbean, Mr. Alario held several executive management positions at several international and regional financial institutions. He has a wealth of experience in the areas of Corporate and Investment Banking, Capital Market, Risk Management, and Compliance.

Mr. Alario is also a director of the Board of the Belize Bank Limited.

A native Italian, Mr. Alario is fluent in English, Spanish, and Italian

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Mr. Michael Coye

Chief Financial Officer

Michael Coye was appointed as the Chief Financial Officer of the Belize Bank in 2014, a role in which he oversees the planning and financial reporting, as well as financial management and regulatory reporting.

Mr. Coye joined the Belize Bank in 1993 and has served in various capacities including Financial Controller. Prior to joining the Belize Bank group, Mr. Coye was a Senior Auditor with the public accounting firm of Price Waterhouse in Belize.

A graduate of Rockhurst University in Kansas City, Missouri, Mr. Coye has a degree in Accounting and holds a Masters of Accountancy from Arizona State University. He is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accounts, as well as the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Belize.

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Mr. Jose Cardona

Chief Information Officer

Mr. Jose Cardona has worked with The Belize Bank Limited for more than 35 years, and has a comprehensive knowledge of the bank’s operations, especially as they relate to the area of technology where he has worked for more than 25 years. He has played a key role in the continuous comprehensive transformation of the bank’s operations especially through the use of information systems and technology.

Mr. Cardona is responsible for directing the information technology strategy of the Group and its various component entities, and for the delivery of a secure enabling information technology services platform to the business.

Over the years Mr. Cardona has represented the interests of the Bank on a number of ongoing efforts of strategic importance to the continued development of the national financial services sector under the aegis of the Central Bank. Most recently Mr. Cardona was consulted extensively on the Working Group for National Payment System.

Mr. Cardona has served on a number of Boards including seven years as Chairman of the Board of Trustees of St. John’s College.

He serves the community as a Justice of the Peace.

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Mr. Abner Peralta

Company Secretary and Regulatory Compliance

Mr. Peralta is an Attorney-At-Law with over 18 years of experience. Mr. Peralta is currently the Head of Corporate and Regulatory Compliance and the Company Secretary for The Belize Bank Limited.

Mr. Peralta holds a Bachelor of Laws degree from the University of London and a Postgraduate Diploma in Legal Practice from the University of Law, Guildford, England. Mr. Peralta is also a member of the Bar Association of Belize.

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Mrs. Agata Ruta

Head of Digital, Business and Retail Banking

Mrs. Agata Ruta joined the Belize Bank in 2021 and currently oversees Digital, Business and Retail Banking. She has over 15 years of successful experience in financial consultation, financial control and operational management and worked with leading global financial providers and investment companies.

Ms. Agata has also worked internationally in mergers and acquisitions and at the same time brought operational and financial excellence for fintech company “Naspers” and managed online payments for Europe, India and South America. She specializes in working with emerging markets bringing financial inclusion and creating unique value propositions, unveiling the growth potential.

Mrs. Ruta’s background and experience in managing global teams and multi-million dollar projects demonstrates her mindful and competitive approach. She is a strong believer in customer centric strategies in the financial sector, creating unique value propositions and focusing on financial inclusion.

Mrs. Ruta holds her MBA from Georgia State University, Masters in Economics, and is certified in E-commerce Management from Harvard Business School and Strategic Planning from American Management Association. Moving forward, Ms. Agata will create a pathway for Belize to move towards digital banking and introduce new and innovative banking solutions.

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Mr. Rony Aguirre

General Manager of Internal Audit

Since February 2016, Mr. Aguirre has held the position of General Manager of Internal Audit responsible for providing direction in the execution of the department’s mission to evaluate the Bank’s risk management mechanisms, control and governance. Mr. Aguirre has over 15 years’ experience in different roles in accounting and auditing. Most recently he acted for over 6 years as Chief Accountant for The Belize Bank performing duties in budgeting for group companies, financial reporting and management financial data.

Prior to joining the Bank, Mr. Aguirre was a Senior External Auditor for 4 years at PKF Belize where he managed audits in several industries including financial institutions, hospitality, insurance and manufacturing. Prior professional experiences include costing and financial accountant for companies in the agro business in the south districts of Belize and self-employed accounting consultancies.

Mr. Aguirre possesses a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting from the University of Belize. He holds a Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS) certification from ACAMS, the leading global organization against the threat of money laundering and terrorism finance.

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